NCS Acoustics logo

“The new website has attracted about 20 times the enquiries”

“The new website has brought in some valuable leads. It’s also screened out the wrong sort of people, plus saved us a lot of time in explanations. David put a lot of effort into figuring out what we’re about and brought things to our attention.

His client interviewing also provided good feedback on the strengths our clients value most, yielding some strong testimonials.

His content writing has drawn compliments from clients and under-pinned sales growth.”

Peter Bowerman
Sales Manager,
NCS Acoustics,
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Environquest logo

“Helped project our message better to land 12 projects ahead of sixty competitors”

“I knew what was required to get to our target audience, but didn’t quite know how. We needed an expert communications consultant. David wrote an attractive brochure and covering letter. It appealed to entrepreneurs and business owners, attracting robust engagement.

Clients and partners have made complimentary comments on our marketing material and asked who wrote it. His work is top notch. It is professional, clear, and resonates with our clients.”

Adebola Odu-Onikosi
Managing Director, EnvironQuest,
West Africa
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Metco engineering logo

“He gets the technology and builds a bond with clients”

“As a high-end engineering company, we require high-calibre partners to work with. David’s work is awesome – 100% spot on.

As an engineer, he has real understanding and knows what he’s talking about. We’ve come to trust him as a safe pair of hands with our brand.

David produces very readable and sellable marketing material to effectively promote our business, and our website has drawn compliments from clients. Our turnover is rising as we continually improve.

Paul Jessup
Metco Engineering,
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Altaawun engineering consultancy logo

“2 months of searching to find someone with unique and brilliant skills as a marketing writer who really knows engineering”

“He has a rare depth and quality that I’ve often found lacking in my business dealings. I cannot say enough about the excellent service, showing his willingness to achieve what I wanted.

The websites and brochures have been high quality, attractive, and presented a professional image of my firm; I got this impression from every one I know. I am very pleased with the end result.”

Sam Assadi
Altaawun engineering consultancy, Bahrain

Jd Data logo

“If you are shooting for the stars and want to be the best you can, you need good people around you”

“David is one of them. Quiet, unobtrusive, and a killer when it comes to the written wordWhatever you want to say, David will find the words.

Talk about getting more than we asked for! We got some major flashes of inspiration with potent phrases expressing our points of difference. When I read through what he put together for our new website, one word described it… Wow!”

Dominique Hawinkels
JD-Data, N.Z.

Tipping Point Marketing ogo

“When you get the chance to work with an A player, you must seize it with both hands”

“I don’t recommend many people, because so few stand out. I want to introduce you to one of my secret advantages – the man who can write.

David has the innate ability to express the hot buttons of the market, with an uncanny knack for words. This understanding is like Siamese twins have of each other. Book David before your competition does.”

Mike Noone
Tipping Point Marketing,
Asia & Oceania

BCIS logo

“An effective collaboration where David picked up on my vision and took it to a higher level”

“We were very excited by what David did. He demonstrated excellent listening skills and probing techniques when determining the project requirements.

He also had innate knowledge of the technology-based subject, which aided us through the development of the material.

The flyers look great and the messages are succinct, logical, and easy to follow.”

Alistair Munro
Director, BCIS,

Jackbord logo

“Deftly distilled a potentially technical subject into a good story”

“Your case study of the JackBord skillfully brought the various threads of the JackBord story together and represented Metco’s pivotal involvement clearly.

Further, the story had a good feeling about it, which reflected well upon JackBord and Metco. You deftly distilled a potentially technical subject into a good story.

The feedback from the trustees has been entirely positive as has that from others.”

Jack Penman
JackBord Works Ltd,

Zeald logo

“Understands business holistically and how to turn marketing ideas into effective web content”

“It’s crucial for me to deliver business results for my clients. My copywriting partner is such an important part of this.

They need to understand business holistically and how to turn marketing ideas into effective web content. They’ve got to be professional, flexible, and well organized.

David fits the bill. I’ve had numerous comments from my clients about how pleased they are with his writing.

Chris Milne
Zeald, N.Z.

Aviat Networks logo

“Complex technicalities made easily understood”

David consistently produced work of the highest quality and demonstrated his ability to distil complex technical content into easily understood material for our target readers.

Utilising David as an external contractor was very effective with low impact on Aviat team members. I would definitely recommend him as an independent content producer who is self-managing, fast learning, responsive, and professional.”

Terry Ross,
Head of Product Line Management, Aviat Networks

Caduceus logo

“The right messaging – ‘professionalism with heart’ to attract new clients”

“We needed to get past our technical rigour to the ‘soft sell’ in our marketing, to grow the business. David accurately interpreted the essence of what we were trying to say, and produced the right messaging, tone, and style for our audience.

His client success stories capture real people doing business with real people, in an empathetic yet professional way, showing bottom-line business benefits.”

Grant Taylor
Director, Design Technology,
Caduceus, N.Z.

The Ballroom logo

“A website revamp that’s taken business to another level”

“The Ballroom engaged David to update our website.

He was able to contribute in a number of ways – messaging, visuals, technology and overall look and feel.

We got a great result, and have noticed website traffic improve with an associated increase in business.

I have no hesitation in recommending David to others

Jim Brodie
The Ballroom, N.Z.