Web Content Writing Service

Compelling web content that’s ‘oozing with gold’ for your target audience – so they’ll be convinced, confident, and keen to approach you

Capitalizing on ‘market intelligence’ from client interviews, I’ll find out the big hot buttons to hook into, so we can make the right connection to your ideal prospects – quickly.

We have 3 to 7 seconds to catch their attention and engage them with a professional look and effective messaging with catchy headlines, compelling content, and the right calls to action.

Your website is the hub of your marketing – to bring people back to. So it needs to convey your full value and build trust with your target audience – giving you a flow of quality leads.

I use strategic techniques to make web content work for you, including:

  • Being easily found by search engines
  • Covering relevant features and benefits
  • Being clear and to the point to hold attention
  • Showing empathy for readers’ issues
  • Easy to read using rhythm and rhyme for a smooth ride
  • ‘Indirect persuasion’, without pressure, to draw readers naturally
Metco Engineering website – copywriting example

I can create any web content you need, including:

A Home page
– to command attention and hook people into your website…

  • Quickly conveying what you’re about in a nutshell
  • Showing understanding of prospects’ needs and motivations
  • Captivating them with the benefits and unique value you offer
  • Drawing them to explore deeper into your website…

A Product page
– telling prospects everything they need to make a buying decision

  • Conveying relevant technical features in the right language to satisfy the ‘techos’
  • Clear business benefits spelled-out to company owners, management, and decision-makers
  • Almost as good as physically handling your product

An About page
– to show credentials and help build the know-like-trust factor

  • Expressing your unique company personality, motivation, and vision
  • Showing your credentials to establish respect
  • Telling your compelling story
  • Making it comfortable to start a business relationship with you, not just a transaction