Technical Writing Service

Inform stakeholders, meet compliance, or lift quality and productivity

I’ll make the whole documentation process easy for you by…
  1. Offering skills you lack in-house – solving the procrastination problem and getting the job done with the ‘inspiration’ needed for effective communication
  2. Being an objective outsider who can see both sides and bridge the gap – because technical experts tend to take their in-depth knowledge for granted, so it’s hard for them to see a newbie’s point of view
  3. Saving valuable staff time – leaving your technical staff to focus on what they do best, so they can get on with your next project assignment instead of getting bogged down with documentation

Get the right information into the right hands to get the job done right

I do a wide range of documentation – right from the hands-on ‘nuts and bolts’ level through to board papers, and everything in-between. I’d be happy to do a sample job for you to satisfy you of the quality of my work, before you commit to a larger job.

Here are some samples of my work:


David consistently produced work of the highest quality and demonstrated his ability to distil complex technical content into easily understood material for our target readers.

Utilising David as an external contractor was very effective with low impact on Aviat team members. I would definitely recommend David to technology companies looking for an independent content producer who is self-managing, fast learning, responsive, and professional.”

Terry Ross,
Head of Product Line Management, Aviat Networks

“David gave us timely delivery of a user guide, essential for a new product release, that is clear and concise with consistent use of terminology. He had to draw it together from somewhat fragmented product information.

He also gave us useful input into standardising our document template to simplify future additions or variations.

He effectively freed up our personnel for other pressing work and provided a fresh perspective on structuring and presenting complex information.

Mark Wilson,
Chief Design Engineer,
Energy Intellect

“The documentation was thorough and clearly written…David was very focused and his technical knowledge was extensive and very beneficial for our project.

David’s professional approach and ability to work effectively and communicate with all levels of the CityLink team enabled him to execute and deliver documented processes aligned with our internal practice.

David fitted in well with all the staff and we would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Coral McLennan,
Sales & Marketing Manager, Citylink

“David’s comments and suggestions definitely were an improvement on our own… the training manual has had many complimentary remarks from colleagues and clients alike.

It has been a great success, enabling many new users of our software product to get up and running quickly and effectively. David’s manner and approach in business was highly appreciated”

David Shepherd, New Zealand Sales Manager,
Voice Perfect (NZ) Ltd

The service you provided us was great for the tracking & logistics system documentation.

We linked appropriate sections to the app so that the right info was just a click away.

Our customer can now support themselves with the necessary information right at their finger tips.”

Carl Penwarden, Managing Director,