Technology Copywriter

A technologist and copywriter in one person – making the right target audience connection to bring the business you’ve been looking for

It makes for a much easier content creation process, saving you time and hassle – with someone to take care of the whole job and get the results you’d like.

You’re the expert on your technology, but putting it across to your target market is another matter – to get the sales response you’re looking for.

It’s hard keeping on top of everything else in your business without having to produce content – and maybe your web design company is nagging you for it?

Here’s what I can do for you…

  • Look into your business ethos, products & services, and competition, to find your strengths and hidden potential
  • Analyze your target clientele and find out their real needs, fears, and questions – by interviewing
  • Produce content that connects with them so they understand all the valuable benefits you offer

You’ll get technology copywriting that:

  • Grabs attention and holds interest
  • Is concise, flowing, and easy to read
  • Builds trust, respect, and… motivation to do business with you
Technology copywriter