Engineering Copywriter

Engineer-turned-copywriter who really understands the technicalities of your business and how to reach your target audience

Engineering and marketing people don’t understand each other, but what if they were rolled into one?

Imagine a copywriter who is also an engineer… wouldn’t that make life simpler for you? Less parties involved, less communication gaps, reduced time and effort, but most importantly… better connection with your target audience.

For example, the website re-write shown on the right attracted 20 times more enquiries than the old site (coupled with a re-design). So, with unique skills, I can attract the clients and partners you’re looking for to grow your business. 

Allow me to:

  • Explore your products, services, and organization to find key credentials, strategic selling points, and unique differentiators
  • Interview some ‘ideal’ clients typical of your target market – to find out their real needs, questions, and motivations
  • Write content that bridges from your world to theirs so they ‘get’ the unique value you offer

My service includes paper-based material, or online/web-based content optimized for search engines to bring in the right clientele.

I can transform technical facts into attractive user-friendly marketing material that…

  • Grabs their attention and engages their interest – touching their ‘hot buttons’ in their own language
  • Is concise, flowing, and easy to read – getting across all the critical features, specs, and benefits loud and clear
  • Builds trust, respect, and… motivation to do business with you