Bridging your communication gap to bring you the business you deserve

by finding your hidden “gold” and proving your value to win trust and recognition

Technical copywriting, web content, and technical writing for engineering, technology, and construction sectors

If you want more business from your website, social media, or ads – I can help you with the critical factor… your message content. Getting this right can mean sales increases from 25% up to 20 times, as my clients report.

Imagine the benefits of a copywriter who is both an engineer and marketer

Technical and marketing people often struggle to relate to each other, because of their different thinking and motivation. But what if you could merge them into one person to make a more ‘seamless’ content creation process… saving you time and making life easier?

So you can focus on running your business, because I’ll take care of things and get the job done.

Here’s how...

1. Find
The hidden gold

Let me interview some of your “ideal” clients to hear their stories. I’ll find out their real issues and deeper motivations, while digging deep for the “hidden gold” and potential in your company.

2. Prove
Your value

From the interviews, I write “strategic” case studies to highlight your selling points – in your client’s own words. This third party endorsement has a lot more impact than ”blowing your own trumpet”.

3. Win
Trust & recognition

With this solid foundation of ‘market intelligence’, I can write compelling content that’s ‘oozing with gold’ for your target audience – so they’ll be convinced, confident, and keen to approach you.

‘Multi-layered’ copywriting that connects

  • Relevant technicalities in credible terminology for the ‘techos’
  • Business benefits in everyday language for managers and business owners
  • Clear and concise to hit the right issues, because ‘less is more’ to hold attention
  • Empathy and ‘resonance’ to meet readers where they’re at, so they feel understood
  • Rhythm & rhyme for a smooth flow – to make reading easy and enjoyable
  • ‘Indirect persuasion’ without hype or hard-sell – so it’s a no-brainer to choose you
  • Optimised for Google so your prospects can find you

Copywriting services

You can get just about any kind of copywriting from Spectra including ads, press releases, newsletters, investment memorandums, and editing services. Find out more about common services offered below…

What my clients say

“The new website has attracted about 20 times the enquiries”

Peter Bowerman
Sales Manager,
NCS Acoustics,


“Helped project our message better to land 12 projects ahead of sixty competitors.”

Adebola Odu-Onikosi
Managing Director, EnvironQuest,
West Africa


“He gets the technology and builds a bond with clients”

Paul Jessup
Metco Engineering,


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A strategic partner to walk with you into the future

In the coming economic landscape, it will be critical to know industry trends to position yourself for best advantage. Getting closer to clients to find out their changing needs will be key, and optimizing your marketing to save you money while winning more business.

If you offer something unique, special, or excellent, and really want to help your clients, you’re in the sweet spot for best results. Let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit…

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